Lindisfarne Helicopter Tour

See Northumberlandfrom above
Lindisfarne Helicopter tour

See Holy Island from the Sky

The ultimate way to England's Border County. Take a birdseye view of the stunning Northumbrian coast line and the magical sights of the Cheviots, with trips from one of our top helicopter flying sites at Charlton Hall Estate, this one of the most popular tours 

Lindisfarne  Helicopter Tour

This tour can be taken from 1 departure point, CHARLTON HALL

The tours is around 25-30 minutes in the air, with about 30 minutes of briefings and safety information prior to flight. Your route will take you over the Castle and Gardens at ALNWICK and then oward to the ruins of Dunstanburgh castle, and finally following the coastline up to the castle of Bamburgh and the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne. All trips are subject to Air Traffic considerations, and of course weather conditions on the day of the flight.


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