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Helicopter Flying Lessons

Helicopter  flights are our speciality! We offer a range of flight times and loads of locations to suit everyone and every price point. Nothing beats the thrill of taking control of a helicopter under the supervison of a training CAA helicopter Instructor, whether you are looking for a short "buzz" lesson or a longer lesson, all of the time in the air can be included in licence issue should you decide to study for your helicopter pilot's licence.

Helicopter Lesson Options

We offer four flight packages, ranging in price and lengh of flight, the cheapest is the six mile "tactical" flight, ranging up to the popular 60 minute Trial lesson, which are included towards licence issue should you decide to go on to study for your helicopter pilots licence. The 60 minute TL last for approximately 2 hours including the briefing. Below are the four options for purchase. 

20 Minute
30 minute
60 minute